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Exercise Recommendations

With more and more people working remotely and many states in lockdown, getting your recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is proving very difficult.

The World Health Organisation also recommends 2 strength sessions per week and with gyms shut, where do you even start?

Unfortunately people are stopping exercising altogether, so we are now having to go back to basics!

Here are three very simple ways to get moving, fitter and stronger:

#1The easiest thing to do is get up often and walk. Walking and talking while you are on the phone is a sure fire way to rack up those steps. In addition walk at an increasing pace up and down your stairs at regular intervals. By investing in a step counter, you can see exactly how many steps you have hit.

#2 You may not have a home gym, but you do have your body and body weight exercises counts as strength training. Things like push-ups and sit ups can be adjusted according to your ability and progressed with time. Add to that some squats while holding a bag of sugar or a kilo of potatoes and some single leg exercises and you've got yourself a quick 30 minute strength program.

#3 Finally mobility. Move up and away from your desk as often as you can. Stretch out your entire body and spend at least 30 minutes doing some movement work. Some exercises you may already be familiar with include the cobra stretch, happy baby, downward dog and, the pigeon stretch.

We can devise a program to do independently at home to ensure you are meeting your exercise goals! For those lucky enough to live in WA, we also run supervised exercise sessions tailored to your goals and claimable on private health insurance.

If you want/need to get moving, and don't know where to begin, give us a call today or book to see us via our "Book Now" link.


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