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The more I learn, the less I know.


Thanks for visiting my latest blog.

Today I talk about something a little bit different to the usual, but something I am passionate about.

Ongoing education. Ongoing learning. Ongoing upskilling.

Changing with the times and adapting our practice to address the latest science.

As part of what we stand for, we offer mentoring and ongoing PD to all of our staff. We believe the healthcare landscape is ever changing and we want to be on the cutting edge of treatment and diagnostic solutions for you.

However, with this, we need to acknowledge the void of things we don't know.

To start with, there are the things we don't know we don't know. Then as we start "knowing stuff" we realise there is lots we don't know. And then we realise how enormous that chasm of what we don't know is. And we start to doubt ourselves.

This runs true to every facet of our lives.

It is particularly true of our clinical work, but is also true of our leadership for our team, and our personal lives.

We are forever discovering new things we can explore coupled with things we didn't even know we needed to explore (things we didn't know we didn't know).

At a time where the world has been up-ended and uncertainty in society, workplaces and general well-being is at an all time high, I think it's important to acknowledge this. We all have vulnerabilities. Our team, our families and our communities are no different.

We strive for excellence in our care, but we will have times we are scratching our heads. Our promise to you in these times is that we will explore. We will delve deeper and we will commit to problem solving all the things we can.

Our clinical team consists of senior clinicians (with post graduate training), physios currently on their post graduate journey, and those still at the beginning of their career. We support each other, offer second opinions and problem solve together. "Two heads are better than one".

This is great for our patients, our team and our learning journeys.

It can, however, create the feeling of teetering on the edge of the knowledge chasm. You know its there, and you now know there is stuff there that you know nothing about, but it feels out of reach. The only way to navigate that chasm, is to dive in.

I love that our team dive into the chasm. They search for answers. They are committed to this journey and they are committed to your rehab.

Our team are amazing at what they do. Their pursuit of excellence and knowledge will only make them better.

Thank you for trusting us with your health journey.


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