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Pain Management.

At Elite Physio & Exercise, we help treat both acute and chronic pain, so you can bring a sense of peace and quality back into your life. Whether you’re suffering from a repetitive stress injury (RSI), torn muscles, sore neck, arthritis or so many other causes of pain, we help you manage the pain and recover as much functionality as possible.

Acute pain management

Acute pain is generally caused by an injury, whether it’s due to playing sports, whiplash from an accident, torn muscles from tripping over an obstacle or even surgery or broken bones. This type of pain comes suddenly and in most instances, resolves as the injury heals. Your physiotherapist explains the cause of your pain and the normal time-frame for its resolution.

We also help to reduce any swelling, which can be contributing to your pain, and provide gentle exercises that help to return full function to the injured area.

Chronic pain management


Chronic pain management can be much more complex and long-term than managing acute pain. At Elite Physio & Exercise, our resident pain management expert, Priyanka Bhalvani, treats both acute and chronic pain but has a particular interest in helping our chronic pain sufferers.

At your first appointment with Priyanka, she performs a comprehensive assessment of your pain, identifying the cause and then develops a treatment plan that’s tailored to your exact needs. This plan generally includes a combination of education, hands-on therapies and exercises to get on top of your pain and reduce it to manageable levels. Her goal is to reduce your need for medication, increase your functional capacity and increase your quality of life.

There is no one-size fits all treatment for acute or chronic pain management, because as there are a multitude of causes, there are as many different ways to treat your pain. Priyanka develops a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and your goals with the ultimate aim of reducing pain and increasing functionality.

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