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Staying Active with your Kids

For those of you wondering how you are going to keep going as your kids get older and more active, this is for you!

If you catch yourself wondering how you will manage to be actively involved in their lives growing up, or participate in their sports and hobbies; keep reading.

Staying active with your kids is achievable, and I want to see you reach these active goals.

I am going to give you 3 simple ways to stay active, and keep up with your kids as they grow and thrive.

When I think of this scenario, I think of our patient, Anna.

Anna has 2 young children, works fulltime and wants to be active with her kids on weekends and after school. She wants to jump on the trampoline with her daughter, and play backyard basketball with her son. Anna loves staying mobile for her kids, and exploring new activities with them.

A little while ago, Anna presented to our clinic with hip and knee pain. She had gone for a weekend walk with her kids and pulled up sore.

Anna was worried she had done a serious injury, and that she would have to stop playing with her kids.

With careful assessment, diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan, Anna is back walking, jumping and playing pain free. She has a specific injury prevention plan going forwards, and a long term health plan to keep her strong and mobile.

In my experience (and with my knowledge of the physio science), these are the top 3 tips for keeping active with your kids

1) Have a regular exercise routine to keep your muscles and joints moving - this can be walking, running, swimming, Pilates, team sports...anything you want! Consistency is the key. Keep in mind, variety is magical!

2) If you have an old injury, ask about some long term strategies to stop this flaring up. Now is the time to change this and our physios can help you.

3) Seek help for niggles before they turn into major injuries. Trust me when I say things are easier to treat if you seek treatment sooner! This will mean less number of treatments and less time until full recovery. Just do it; seek treatment.

If you want help staying active with your kids, or feel any of these points can help you, give us a call today.

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