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Updated Covid-19 Policy

We would like to remind everybody that at Drovers Elite Physio, we are business as usual!

We are, however, taking extra precautions to protect you, your family, our staff and community from Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus).

In addition to our regular cleaning and hygiene practices, we are implementing the following actions

1) Increasing the frequency of disinfecting surfaces (including gym equipment, door handles and reception/waiting areas)

2) Providing hand sanitiser in all common areas and treatment areas for both staff and patients to utilise

3) Asking all staff, patients and visitors to observe a 14-day self-isolation period upon return from international travel

4) Rescheduling appointments for any patients with suspected or positive Covid-19, or come into contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed Covid-19.

Your health is our priority and we are doing everything we can to minimise risk in our community.

For our full policy, please continue reading below:

Leaping Giraffes Pty Ltd T/A Anchorage Drive Physio, Drovers Elite Physio & Elite Physio & Exercise

Covid-19 Policy

Author: Stephanie Holt; last updated 15/03/2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have declared Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) a global pandemic.

At Drovers Elite Physio, we treat all types of patients – healthy and active, pregnant, immunocompromised, elderly and everyone in between. We want to ensure we are doing our utmost to minimise the risk associated with Covid-19 outbreak in our community, and prevent the rapid spread of this disease in our population.

There is currently no vaccine, thus, other preventative measures must be put in place.

In line with recommendations from the Federal Department of Health, Australian Physiotherapy Association and the World Health Organisation, Leaping Giraffes Pty Ltd have developed the following policy in regard to the current Covis-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak.

This plan will be updated as the situation evolves.


1) Australian Government Federal Department of Health: 15/03/2020)

2) Australian Physiotherapy Association: 15/03/2020)

The aims of this policy are as follows:

1) Maintain health and safety of our staff, patients, families and wider community

2) Provide clarity to staff, patients and families surrounding our hygiene, cleaning and safety practices

3) Reduce and stop the spread of Covid-19 in the short and long term

4) Provide clarity to staff and patients on when they should attend physiotherapy or exercise services, and when we would prefer they stay home

Cleaning policy:

1) Hand sanitiser has been placed at the reception desk, inside all consultation rooms, in the kitchen and at the entrance to the rehabilitation Gym. We ask all staff and patients to please use this upon entering and leaving the clinic, treatment rooms and gym area.

2) Additionally, staff are required to clean their hands before and after touching any person, private health/medicare/bank cards, or other surfaces.

3) Treatment room door handles are to be cleaned with disinfectant after every patient.

4) Door handles into the clinic and bathroom areas are to be cleaned with disinfectant on a 30 minute cycle.

5) Chairs, face pillows and surfaces inside the treatment rooms are to be cleaned with disinfectant between each patient.

6) Equipment including phones, keypads, chairs, computer mouse and safe buttons are to be cleaned on 30 minute intervals, and at the end and beginning of shift changeover.

7) Disinfectant is located at each of the gym areas. We ask that staff and patients using gym equipment clean the equipment with provided disinfectant before and after use.

8) All surfaces, floors and rooms are to be regularly cleaned (including the usual cleaning schedule).

Gym Policy:

1) Disinfectant is provided in the gym areas and nearby each piece of equipment. We ask that staff, patients and visitors to the gym utilise this, and disinfect equipment after use.

2) Hand sanitiser is located at the entrance to the rehab gym, and in plain view of the exercise area. Staff, patients and visitors are asked to use this upon entering and exiting the exercise areas, and any other time they may need to.

3) Please remember to bring your towel. No towel, no exercise.

4) Please ensure you wear socks when shoes are removed on padded equipment.

Travel Policy:

1) In line with Federal Government travel requirements, we ask that anyone who has returned from overseas travel, please self-isolate for 14 days. This includes staff, patients, families and the wider community.

2) If you have returned from overseas after the 15/03/2020 and have not observed the 14-day isolation period, do not attend your appointment. Please ring the appropriate clinic, or send an email to physioconfirm@gmail.comto reschedule your appointment.

3) If an immediate family member (who you have come into contact with), or someone residing in your place of residence has returned from overseas travel and is presenting with cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not attend your appointment. Please ring the appropriate clinic, or send an email to physioconfirm@gmail.comto reschedule your appointment.

4) No cancellation fee will be charged in the case of a patient rescheduling due to returning from overseas travel.

5) If someone attends their appointment when they have returned from overseas travel, during the 14-day self-isolation window, they will be asked to leave the clinic immediately.

General Health and wellbeing:

1) If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend your appointment. Please ring the appropriate clinic, or send an email to physioconfirm@gmail.comto reschedule your appointment.

2) No cancellation fee will be charged in the case of a patient rescheduling due to being unwell.

3) If any staff are unwell, they will be asked to stay home from work. Where possible, your appointment will be rescheduled with another physiotherapist, however, it may mean the cancellation of your appointment in the short term. We ask for your understanding in this.

4) If a patient, visitor or staff member chooses to wear protective clothing, masks or gloves, they are welcome to do so. At no point will you be asked to remove these if you are not comfortable doing so.

5) If a patient or visitor feels uncomfortable sitting in the waiting areas inside the clinic, please let reception staff know you have arrived for your appointment and will be waiting outside for the physiotherapist/exercise physiologist.

We endeavour to see patients on time for their appointment, resulting in little to no waiting time before your allocated timeslot.

6) Telehealth consultations may be available to you should you be required to self-isolate. Please note, these are not currently claimable on medicare, DVA or private health insurance plans, and payment must be provided over the phone prior to the consultation.

Workers’ compensation and Motor Vehicle Insurance patients may be able to have telehealth consultations approved in special circumstances.

For up-to-date resources regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, please see the below links to the Department of Health

As a company, our priority lies in keeping our staff, patients and community safe. There is no doubt Covid-19 will put a strain on our healthcare system. We all need to work together to minimise this strain and protect the vulnerable members of our community.


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